(Mon – Fri) Admission To Vintage Camera's Museum for 1 Person, Bugis, Singapore

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Before taking photos were made easy with a click from our smartphones, it has endured a whole lot of evolution from a huge gadget one grudgingly carry, to something that could be pulled out of your pocket. View the evolution at the Vintage Camera Museum to understand the history of this technology and learn about its development process with a guided tour or in your own time. In addition viewing classic cameras, take this opportunity to see other types of cameras like 3D cameras, pistol cameras, spy cameras, and more. Be sure to pose alongside the Lumiere Brothers, who were pioneers of the photographic equipment, and George Eastman, founder of the Eastman Kodak Company for lifelong memories of this place. The museum has been featured by a number of media outlets including Straits Times, Home and Decor, Straatosphere, and more.Featured in these collectionsSingapore Attractions