ePurifier Greenery Air Purifier for $25.90

ePurifier Greenery Air Purifier for $25.90

  • $25.90 for ePurifier Greenery Air Purifier (Worth $79)
  • Delivery is available at an additional $4 (please select upon purchase)
  • The function adds oxygen
  • The technology of air purification function of air ionization
  • The number of air purification wind under 50 cubic meters / hours
  • The road power source: USB
  • The number of air cleaner wind 50 cubic meters / hour
  • Multiple purchases of vouchers as gifts allowed
  • Redemption of multiple vouchers per person allowed

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Normal Price : $79

Haze hitting 100 mark today! Stay protected with ePurifier Greenery Air Purifier. A convenient and mobile air purifier to purify indoor air such as smoke, gas and odour. It can be easily connected to a desktop PC, laptop or any device with a USB port. You can also plug this air purifier with the car adapter into the cigarette lighter socket of your car and start using it. The activated carbon is able to effectively absorb cigarette smoke, harmful gas and unpleasant odour.