$36.50 For $50 Cash Dining Voucher at Tien Court Restaurant, Copthorne King’s Hotel Singapore

$36.50 For $50 Cash Dining Voucher at Tien Court Restaurant, Copthorne King's Hotel Singapore

  • $36.50 for $50 Cash Dining Voucher at Copthorne King’s Hotel Singapore, Tien Court Restaurant
  • Signature Dishes:
    • Double-boiled Shark’s Cartilage Soup with Abalone, Dried Scallop and Sea Cucumber
    • Braised 3-head Abalone & Seasonal Vegetable with Superior Abalone Sauce
    • Steamed Cod Fillet with Crispy Bean Crumbs
    • Sauteed King Prawn with Spicy Ginger & Garlic Sauce
    • Peking Duck
    • Suckling Pig
    • Wok-fried Rice Vermicelli with Stewed Pork Trotters
    • Braised Noodles & Lobster with Young Ginger and Spring Onion
  • Single diners allowed
  • Multiple purchases of vouchers as gifts is allowed

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Normal Price : $50

If its not served with class, its not worth serving at all. At Tien Court Restaurant, Copthornes King Hotel Singapore, painstaking efforts are put in presenting food the way they should. Helmed by celebrity Masterchef Ho Tien Tsai, bringing food to the people is a form of art. Each ingredient intricately placed on a plate in order to bring the experience of Chinese Fine Dining to greater levels each and every single time.

Tien Court Restaurants Signature Dishes, on their own are a feast for anyone. Ranging from Sharks Cartilage Soup, to Braised Noodles & Lobster, the tantalising taste of Chinese cuisine comes to life with this deal. An offering of the finest dishes, prepared with great care and attention, to liven up your palates, is only complimented by the spotless ambience that engulfs this place. Nestled away in Havelock Road, special occasions, celebrations and memorable gatherings are complimented by a perfect fine dining at Copthorne Kings Hotel Singapore.