3-Day Delivery: Only $26.90 for TOKUYI Cordless Mini Vacuum

3-Day Delivery: Only $26.90 for TOKUYI Cordless Mini Vacuum

  • $26.90 for TOKUYI Cordless Mini Vacuum(Worth $79)
  • Delivery is available at an additional $6(please select option upon purchase)
  • Used for vacuum dry dust and dirt under car, table, chair, cabinet, bed etc.?
  • Features
    • Portable?
    • Charging with USB cable, can be charged by car charger, mobile adaptor, PC.?
    • Transparent dust bin to check the dust easily?
    • Easy to clean?
    • Low noise ?
    • Powerful suction?
  • Specification and Packing:
    • Approvals: CE, ROHS?
    • Battery: NI-CD 1.3AH rechargeable?
    • Voltage: 3.6V DC?
    • Rated Current: 1.8A?
    • Charging Voltage: 5V(USB charger)?
    • Charging time: 5 HOURS?
    • Run time: 45 mins?
    • Suction: 1000 Pa?
    • Item size (cm): 299 x76 x81mm
  • Multiple purchases of vouchers as gifts allowed
  • Redemption of multiple vouchers per person allowed

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Normal Price : $79

From your room to your car, you can keep an unscathed impression by keeping them clean with the help of TOKUYI Cordless Mini Vacuum. Its cordless feature makes it easy for you to move around and whats better is it works silently despite its powerful suction, so you can enjoy your favourite tunes while cleaning. Get your room and car dust-free easily by owning one today.