$10 NETT for Famous Kimchi or Bulgogi Fries at Chicken Up, Tanjong Pagar & Tampines

$10 NETT for Famous Kimchi or Bulgogi Fries at Chicken Up, Tanjong Pagar & Tampines

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Normal Price : $21.19

ChickenUp is well known and best loved for serving Authentic Korean Fried Chicken. By adapting the Korean methods of removing the fat from the skin and double-frying, Chicken Up created its own distinct variation of fried chicken, featuring juicy, sumptuous and tender chicken meat under its thin and crunchy skin without being too greasy. Best known for its signature SpicyUp and YangNyum style fried chicken. ChickenUp also serves several variations of the dish with the accompaniment of different sauces such as soya and curry sauces.

Famous Kimchi or Bulgogi Fries

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Watermelon Soju


We have a girl night out at Tanjong Pagar outlet. We enjoy the service and the food. We order the signature watermelon soju and top 1 ganjang chicken wings and bulgogi fries. Service was great. Friendly staff. Keep it up Aug ,2015

-Caroline Seow

Spicy Up (below)-Looks can be deceiving. This innocent-looking golden brown chicken was a bit too spicy for me but not for my friend who is a spice girl (not the girl group). Served piping hot, the chickens juices were sealed beneath the crispy skins. So juicy that the juices squirted our when I bite into them-Aug 3, 2014

-Weekend Eat What

Just GO and eat the Yangnyum chicken. JUST DO IT. You will not regret it. My partner and I want several times in a week for the all you can eat chicken. Our mouths watered, our stomachs were violated through overuse. STILL WORTH IT-Aug 12, 2015